Young People’s Foundation springs into action

The Southall Food Distribution Service was recently launched in partnership with Young Ealing People’s Foundation and the Southhall Community Alliance. Inspired by the success of a similar scheme – the Bollo Brook Youth Centre in Acton also set up by Young Ealing members – the service is another example of how quickly the Young People’s Foundation is able to work across sectors to get community projects completed.

With produce from City Harvest London and The Felix Project, and the venue provided by Ealing Council (London Borough of Ealing), 57 food parcels were delivered on the first day. The distribution service was completed with the help of volunteers and paid a huge thanks to Delawar from Southall restaurant, Chaudhry’s TKC for providing 200 freshly cooked meals per day for the scheme.

The food parcels will be delivered on Mondays and Thursdays for the foreseeable future and there are 80 referrals so far for Thursday 23rd of April. With many people unable to carry out their normal employment and the possible future closure of schools, the demand could grow and we expect these to rise to 100 to 120 per day in the weeks ahead, which means food parcels will reach 300-400 people per day.

The Southall Food Distribution Service is seeking referrals from professionals and from within the community of households that need this service. Please get in touch at for more information.

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