Passion and commitment masks pressure on charity sector

It is a challenging time for many charities, made even more difficult by the coronavirus pandemic. Many organisations are responding to increased demand for their services whilst facing their own sustainability issues and worries about the effects of the pandemic. We’re helping our partners scenario plan, rethink their strategic development as well as providing them tangible ways to start to rebuild their reserves.

As if it wasn’t already hard enough already for micro, small and start-up charities to deliver crucial services in their communities, the scale of the effect of the pandemic on charities’ work is becoming more and more clear. Unfortunately we are seeing that passion, commitment and even exceptional service delivery are not enough and many charities, especially small BME-led groups, are wondering if they’ll survive the end of the year.

At Clear Thinking Consultancy we focus on supporting our clients in three areas: strategy, impact and funding: the three biggest skills gaps amongst small charitable organisations that make the biggest difference to financial sustainability. With thanks to Erik Mesel and Dr Elly Barnes MBE Educate and Celebrate for saying nice things about our work!

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