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An entrepreneur without funding is a musician without an instrument.

Robert A. Rice Jr

Clear Thinking Consultancy - Funding

Would it surprise you to know that charities that we carried out a full costings analysis with were charging between 25-41% of their actual costs and that they had no idea that they were so heavily underfunded? Then it might not surprise you to know that a survey carried out in 2020 found that most micro and small charities are operating with no reserves whatsoever.

Assessing your funding requirements

We have developed a tool to calculate an organisation’s real service costs quickly and effectively and support you with the skills and tools to repeat this exercise anytime you need to calculate your charge out rate or compile organisational and project budgets. Ampacc provides you with rates that ensure you cover your full costs, whilst increasing the amount of money you hold in reserves.

Our founder/CEO has been commissioned to work across the UK for national organisations as a specialist in funding strategy. She has supported charities to diversify their income, put in place the messaging and communications to reach new audiences and reduce their reliance on key funders.

At Clear Thinking, we make sure all of our clients are more robust and resilience than when we started with them. 

Our Funding Services include:

  • Fundraising, mainly grants from Trusts, Foundations and Public Sectors.
  • Funding strategy including income diversification.
  • Full costings analysis and financial modelling.

Diagnostic Assessments

We use our comprehensive in-house diagnostic tool to carry out a one-day health check of a charity’s sustainability. We look at everything from your strategic planning, governance, services, how you measure your impact, cost out your services, consult your beneficiaries, support your staff, all using indicators and standards researched across industry standards.

It tells us all we need to know about what’s going well in your organisation, and where you need support. We put all of this in a detailed sustainability report which sets out priorities for your organisation so you know where to start. Our results prove that when you focus on tackling the sustainability barriers, the funding follows.