Clearer Thinking September 2023

WOW! Where did September Go?

October is a month that brings a sense of renewal and a fresh beginning, much like the changing leaves and cooler breeze of the season. You may have seen some of my new photos on my LinkedIn profile, and you’ll see that I love being outdoors. Especially at this time of the year with its changing colours, and who doesn’t love kicking leaves and finding a shiny conker?

I love to use October as a time to reset, refocus, and recommit to our goals and aspirations. It makes the last quarter of the year a good time to plan wisely, manage the numbers more efficiently and seek out new funding opportunities before the end of the year.

A Clear Thinking Power Hour

Here at Clear Thinking Consultancy we had a wonderful month with new clients, a new team member and a sold out CEO Power Hour.

I asked over 30 senior leaders and CEOs to come together and prioritise themselves! I shared how to feel good, slow down, trust yourself and still achieve more!

Prioritising ourselves is rarely on the “to do” list, but everything gets easier once we do, and we get intentional about how and who we are being, what we do and the way we do it. It’s so easy to get sucked into being too busy, we often don’t realise how much more that means we need to stop, take stock and regain some clarity and focus.

As a senior leader working for a charity, you are in a unique position to make an impact on the world, with the opportunity to inspire others, build and develop teams, and ensure that team efforts go towards meaningful change, so you need to make sure you’re firing on all cylinders!

Last month during The CEO Power Hour I started to show them how.

It was such a powerful way to kick start September and now it’s all about keeping that momentum going as we edge onwards to the end of the year.

Clear Thinking Budgeting

With that in mind I am planning a new masterclass in early December that will be uniquely positioned to remind AMPACC users – those charities using our financial analysis tool – how to use their charge out rates effectively.

Not only in preparing accurate budgets but also to present those budgets in a compelling way, so they stand the best chance of success when applying for funding.

The masterclass is planned for Tuesday 5th December – more about how we can help soon.

Do You Need Clearer Thinking?

You might not know but I have been working with brilliant but burned out, charismatic CEOs and Senior Leaders for over 13 years, so the relaunch of The Leadership Catalyst 2023/ 2024 is so very exciting and a personal highlight for me.

The second cohort of The Leadership Catalyst group coaching programme launches this week and I am thrilled with how it is filling up.

The quality and participants are all senior leaders and CEOs who have chosen to invest in their development and they are all underrepresented leaders in the charity and public sectors.

We have such a great lineup of skills, knowledge and experience: a mixture of national, international, place-based and hyper local charities. Their own objectives are wide ranging too, including a focus on infrastructure, medical research, youth development, refugee and migrant welfare, political campaigning, community engagement and increasing STEM participation.

The best bit?

They all have a focus on supporting those who most need it, and those who have been most marginalised.

I just know already that the richness of conversation, tactics and strategies to be discussed will help them all up their games and work intentionally towards a leadership experience they truly desire.

I’m committed to maintaining a high quality coaching space with rich, intimate discussion – so our group size will not go past 12.

So if you think this *might* be for you, now would be the time to put your hand up by emailing and we’ll take it from there.

Do YOU Need Clearer Thinking?

We are scheduling and booking project deliverables for the end of the year. So if you and your teams need to get clearer on your organisation’s strategy, impact and funding before the end of 2023 please don’t delay and do get in touch. Let’s get our heads together to see how we can support you to realise your goals.

You can schedule a call by clicking this LINK