Clearer Thinking October 2023

It’s that time of the year when a lot of us are clearing space – with work, mentally, in our physical space – all to end the year strong and begin the New Year in earnest. Yes, 2024 is just around the corner!!

It may sound a bit crass and overused, but the saying “fail to plan, plan to fail” stands the test of time. With that in mind, I have two great masterclasses for you to end the year strong, and set you up for the New Year.

Grant Fundraising Masterclass – How you can improve your grant fundraising success before even writing a word!

AMPACC Masterclass – Gain the confidence to ask for what you are worth!

You can read all about them below!

Clearer Thinking Success!

Let me start you off on a high with my massive congratulations to Karis Theophane, Founder and CEO of Jerk Grill, who has secured a whopping £60,000 of social investment from Trust for London for her social enterprise.

Karis set up Jerk Grill to respond to a need for those she was supporting through her community interest company, Karismatic Minds CIC, to have opportunities for employment. Finding that there were few opportunities available, she was keen to find a solution to what she describes as a “broken system” for those experiencing disadvantage.

The intention in July 2019 was to create a new system. For Jerk Grill to not only support people in communities of high need to be able to secure positive employment opportunities but to also help them navigate building sustainable wealth, alleviating poverty for good.

I’m in awe of this woman’s vision and her determination to make it happen. I promise you she is one to watch!

Having moved from being a pop-up to operating from a food truck then community centre, Jerk Grill secured a lease for a permanent premises in Clapton, East London. This funding will enable her to get it ready in time for Christmas.

We are delighted to have played a small part in their success, supporting Jerk Grill to evidence their huge social value through a social impact report and Theory of Change.

This is what Karis had to say about how we had supported her:

“Kita’s support to quantify [our] social impact and evidence it through a Theory of Change has been amazing. Her support has enabled me to actually see what I do on paper for the first time since launching the business. It helped me to tell a story about our social mission that I was unable to tell before …but more importantly I now have a clear view of the vision ahead.”

If you’re interested in exploring how social investment can help you up level your impact, schedule a call with me by clicking this LINK

Clearer Thinking About Your Fundraising – Improve your grant fundraising success before even writing a word!

Inefficient application processes mean that small and medium charities are spending disproportionate amounts of time on bid-writing with low rates of success.

We find that charities are in the middle of a perfect storm of growing demand, rising operating costs, fewer public funds and increased competition for what’s left. This is why adopting a structured approach to your fundraising is so crucial.

Fundraisers face considerable challenges as both the demand for and cost of services increase; however, with the right investment and approach, charities can successfully navigate this challenging period.

There is an ‘art’ to writing successful winning bids, and it is all in the preparation.

You need to know who to apply to, what to ask for and take a slow and steady approach to developing your proposal to have the greatest impact.

Most of the work starts before you’ve even written a word.

This FREE Fundraising Masterclass – Improve your grant fundraising success before even writing a word is on Tuesday 21st November.

There are just 20 spaces available so please secure your space by clicking this LINK

Clearer Thinking About Gaining the Confidence to Ask For What Your Services are Worth!

This is a special AMPACC Masterclass to support existing and previous AMPACC clients to use the charge out rates that have been provided through our support to:

Produce accurate budgets with a clear understanding of how much their services cost.
Present a compelling budget that ensures all overheads are covered and that looks acceptable to an external stakeholder.

We will recap the Full Cost Recovery Model – think of it as a refresher – to make sure you are maximising the benefits of AMPACC by going through a worked example of:

  • Creating a project budget
  • Re-allocating overheads to direct project expenditure
  • Presenting a compelling budget
  • The Benefits You Will Achieve

Confidence to ask for what your services are really worth!

  • Know and be able to stand by your numbers
  • No more creating and compounding a deficit through your funded work
  • Look forward to more time and a happy workforce!

Who Should Attend?

Those who were originally involved in the AMPACC exercise with us, or those who have taken over the responsibility and would benefit from some training to maximise the impact of their AMPACC tool.

There’s Also An Attendance Bonus!

Everyone who attends will be invited to book a complimentary 15 minute one to one surgery with me the following week. These will be scheduled at the end of the masterclass

The Early Bird price starts at £47 (plus fees). I’d love for you to join me on Tuesday 5th December and there are spaces for 10 organisations. You can find out more and secure your space by clicking this LINK


Clearer Thinking with The Leadership Catalyst

We’ve finalised our recruitment and selection for this cohort of The Leadership Catalyst, a space for underrepresented leaders in the charity space to explore the issues that directly arise from being underrepresented.

Our space is for peer led solutions that enable them to achieve a more fulfilling leadership experience and maximise their impact. I couldn’t be happier with this group of powerful leaders that I’ll be journeying with over the next 12 months.

If you think this *might* be for you, and would like to stay updated with how the programme is progressing, let me know by emailing

Do YOU Need Clearer Thinking in 2024?

If you and your teams need to get clearer on your organisation’s strategy, impact and funding in 2024 please don’t delay and do get in touch.

We are scheduling and booking project deliverables for 2024. So, let’s get our heads together to see how we can support you to realise your goals, objectives and aspirations for 2024.

You can schedule a call to explore how we can help and support you in 2024 by clicking this LINK