Clearer Thinking – November 2023

I’m definitely winding down for the festive period, and it’s nice to see that so many of you are too. However you will be spending it, I hope it’s a period of rest and precious time spent with loved ones.

Warmest wishes and season’s greetings from all of us at Clear Thinking Consultancy.

Clearer Thinking Success! 

As we start to round up 2023, I’m delighted to share a huge win that we are celebrating having secured over £210k for project funding across five years for one of our clients.


The process was extremely involved and included visits and financial due diligence, as it should. It’s so satisfying to end it all with a YES!

But the truth is that we’d done so much work in selecting the ‘right’ funder and researching what we should be asking for and how to structure that ask, we knew our chance of success would be much higher than had we not put that legwork in.

Clearer Thinking About Your Fundraising – Improve your grant fundraising success before even writing a word!

Earlier this month, I shared some key tips on how to improve grant fundraising success before even writing a word during one of our lunchtime learning sessions. Drawing on the approach we take here at CTC.

I reminded our attendees that most applications that get rejected at the first sift should not have been submitted in the first place, i.e. the organisation / ask was not relevant to the objectives of that funder.

With that in mind, I urged the group to be more discerning when selecting funders to apply to, provided them with tips to plan out their approach and suggested ways in which they could improve their story telling, by investing more in the programme design phase.

It was particularly rewarding to hear this feedback from one of the participants who is a regular at our bitesize lunchtime training sessions:

“I really enjoy these sessions as they provide a moment to pause and reflect on how we can work smarter as charities.”

I am working on our Masterclass delivery schedule for 2024 and plan to offer another Grant Fundraising Masterclass, which sold out within a fortnight last time!

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45 Organisations Now Have Clearer Thinking About Their Financial Sustainability! 

By the end of this year, over 45 voluntary organisations will have gone through our AMPACC programme of support.

We have helped them to understand the rates they need to use to calculate their services accurately, and enhance their ability to make strategic financial decisions that drive their organisation towards greater financial sustainability.

Our support doesn’t stop there as this week, I ran a refresher workshop to go through how to use their charge out rates to understand their costs. Then how to present those costs externally so that they are compelling whilst covering their full costs.

All our attendees then have the opportunity for a brief follow up call with me to look at and get feedback on their own AMPACC results.

Once you’re part of our AMPACC community, we continue to support you through a number of opportunities for continuing development to ensure you are able to make best use of it.

If you’re curious and would like to find out more about AMPACC and securing your financial sustainability click this LINK to book a short call with me.

Do YOU Need Clearer Thinking in 2024?

If you and your teams need to get clearer on your organisation’s Strategy, Impact and Funding in 2024 please don’t delay and do get in touch.

We are scheduling and booking project deliverables for 2024. So, let’s get our heads together to see how we can support you to realise your goals, objectives and aspirations for 2024.

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