Clearer Thinking March 2023

As we wrap up the month I wanted to share with you a few examples of how our clients have achieved clearer thinking with us this month….

Clearer Thinking on an Away Day

We kicked off this client’s strategic review process with an away day with their board of trustees and their staff team focusing on their grants programme.

They got clearer on the principles that would govern their grant making practices and the behaviours that would underpin these, so that their money would be more accessible and reach  the places that need it the most.

Clearer Thinking Using a Theory of Change Workshop

This client is setting up a virtual centre to improve outcomes for Children and Young People of African, Asian & Caribbean Heritage.

The Theory of Change workshop was So well attended from a cross section of people: including staff, their advisory board, young people, community partners, parents, teachers, and other youth practitioners.

What we all got clearer about what the change they wanted to see through the centre ands how to position itself in working with its community partners, to enable that vision to be realised.

Here’s a lovely email we received shortly after the workshop:

“I just wanted to say how fantastic I thought the workshop was last week.

An amazing spectrum of people in the room, with the discussion expertly facilitated in a way that felt very natural and gently confident. A real pleasure to be in the room.”

Clearer Thinking From a Sold Out Workshop

This month I hosted a sold out workshop and I’l thrilled to confirm that over twenty workshop attendees all got clearer on how to understand and evidence the impact of what they do!

Do You Need Clearer Thinking?

If you and your teams need to get clearer on your organisation’s vision, strategy,  impact and funding please get in touch and let’s get our heads together and see how we can support you to realise your goals.

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